Saleh Mohsen Srour
Chairman General Manager

Dear Insurers, Customers and Friends,

The year 2018 has ended with a bad event, the loss of the founder of CST Group, Andre Anhoury,

Mr. Anhoury was not only a business partner, he was a leader, a mentor and the good father of the group members.

Since its creation in 1997, as the first retail credit insurance TPA in the Middle East, Credit Systems & Techniques has gradually grown to become the leading company in its domain. We have regionally expanded in Egypt, Jordan and Iraq and we have new plans for Africa

CST has also diversified its services to include insurance brokerage, marketing and micro lending. Early 2015, we have introduced trade credit insurance as part of our business solutions and have been able to secure reinsurance cover from key international reinsurers whom have favored us with their confidence and support. CST is now looking forward to diversify and invest in various domains and sectors, apart from insurance and finance, through its Holding company.       

Since it’s foundation and in spite of all the difficulties, the political and security troubles in the region, our group has succeeded to emerge and expand. The foremost reasons of our success are our team solidarity, our will to grow and our faith in what we are accomplishing; without forgetting social involvement through it all. Notwithstanding all the turmoil Lebanon is passing through, we are confident and believe it still has ceaseless potential for economical development and growth. We are also confident that despite the dark times hitting the Middle East, the area will revive, and the people of our countries shall recope with prosperity and wellness. Today, we are looking further and planning our ambitions

Our team (managers and employees) across the area is totally dedicated to achieve this task and offer the best service possible.  

I would personally like to thank all our business partners, insurance companies, banks and commercial customers, which confidence and support allowed us achieve our success story. Moreover, I would like to honor the loyalty of our employees and the permanent support of Messrs, Nasco-France and the reinsurers who have always favored us with their confidence.

Finally, all of us at CST, look ahead for a bright future in our area and the world, thus allowing a betterment of our business development coupled with stability and prosperity.

Saleh Srour